20 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Car Insurance

Here are 20 questions that you can keep by your side while searching for auto insurance. 

1. What company did you quote me with?

  • This important for the A.M. Best rating and how the company will handle claims.

2. What is the company’s A.M. Best Rating?

  • Rates insurance company based on the company’s financial stability with “A++ superior” being the highest.

3. How is the claim service with this company?

  • Are they fast, slow, or how is the overall process in general/

4. Who do I call to report a claim?

  • Keep this number in an easily accessible place in your auto

5. If it is a holiday can I call direct to the company if I want to report a claim or can I call my agent?

  • Preferably you want to be able to do both

6. Following a claim, can I chose my own body shop for repairs to my auto?

  • For convenience, and some companies will make you use certain body shops.

7. Who do you have your insurance with?

  • Ask your agent. I will guarantee that if they know what they are doing and value their protection, then their personal auto insurance will be with a quality company. Even if it means they have to pay a little more.

8. What are my Bodily Injury limits?

  • Bodily injury covers people that you hit and injure.  

9. What are my Property damage limits?

  • Property damage covers another vehicle, house, fence, etc. in the event of an accident.

10. Does this policy have medical coverage?

  • Medical coverage is for you or someone who is riding with you.  

11. Who will this policy cover to drive my car?

  • If you allow someone to borrow your car, are they covered in the event of an accident?

12. What are my um/uim (uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist) limits?

  • Covers bodily injury in the event someone hits you and they do not have enough insurance to cover your injuries.

13. What is my comprehensive deductible and does it include full glass coverage?

  • Comprehensive covers anything other than a collision.
    • EX: hitting an animal, your car being stolen, your car is flooded, a tree falls on it.

14. What is my collision deductible?

  • Covers damage done to your car in the event you hit something.

15. Does my policy include towing? What about roadside assistance and labor?

  • What if you just broke down, need to change a tire, or need someone to bring you a battery. That would be covered under the labor portion.
  • The best policy would cover towing+Roadside assistance+labor
  • The best companies will also allow you to submit the bill to them from the auto shop of your choosing and the company will pay it.

16. Does my policy include perks or extra features? If YES, am I paying extra for those features or CAN I pay extra for those features?

  • diminishing deductible, safe driver premium return, new car replacement

17. What are my payment options?

  • Annual, quarterly, monthly

18. Do I get a discount for paying in full?

  • Paying the whole cost up front.

19. What discounts do you offer?

  • Do not assume that your agent will give you all of the discounts you could be eligible for.
    • EXAMPLES: car alarm, air bags, clean driving record, belonging to a professional organization

20. Can I call you to make changes to my policy or do I have to go directly to the insurance company?

  • Be sure to write this number down

Thanks for reading,

-Harrison Horton