Top 5 Home Security Tips

The answer is YES, a home security system can help lower the premium on your homeowner's policy. That is very important to most people. When you think of home security, don't think of it as just a way to lower the premium, but think of it as a way to better protect your family and your investment in the home itself. 

Working in the insurance industry has given me a unique insight as to how important this topic can be. Believe me, no one wants to file a claim stating that they have been robbed of $10,000+ worth of jewelry. It doesn't make for a good day. So, take these 5 tips with a grain of salt, or take them seriously by implementing a plan that better protects your home.

#1 - Home Security System

A home security system is first and foremost what many people think of when it comes to securing their home. It is also the only tip that will decrease your premium on your homeowner's policy if you can provide a certificate stating you have one. Some companies will allow what's called a "local" alarm system, while the majority of companies will only give credit for a "central" alarm system. A local alarm system makes a lot of really loud noise if someone breaks in, but will not automatically report the break-in to the police station. A central alarm system makes noise and automatically reports to the police station. Also, many home security systems today now come smart-home compatible. This can be very useful if you have cameras built-in that can allow you to monitor your premises even when you are miles away on vacation.

#2 - Locks

If you are not up for purchasing an alarm system, be sure that all of your doors have deadbolt locks. However, deadbolt locks do not work all that great if you forget to lock them. The same goes for your windows. If you live in a climate where you can leave your windows open for a breeze or enjoy the weather, that's great and I envy you! Just remember to close and lock them when you are done.

#3 - Visibility

There are two mains things that define visibility in this context. The first is lighting. Having your home illuminated at night is an easy way to increase visibility and give the appearance that the home is occupied, even if you are away. If you are worried about running up your power bill, solar lights can be bought at any home improvement store and they are a cheap and easy way to add some lighting without adding onto the power bill. The second part to visibility pertains to yard maintenance. If you have tall shrubs in front of your house, this can be an easy cover for a burglar, especially at night. Keep tall bushes trimmed in order to deter anyone from snooping around since they won't have anything to hide behind.

#4 -  Good Neighbors

The description to this tip is in the title. Make sure that if you are going to be gone away from your home for an extended period of time that you notify your neighbors so they can keep an eye on the property.

#5 - Don't Advertise

What I mean here is do not advertise to everyone what you have. If you just bought a brand new 70 inch TV, be sure to put the box that it came in out of sight until you are able to dispose of it. The same goes for jewelry. I know many women would love to show off that new diamond ring they just got to all of their friends on Facebook, but think twice before you do that. Advertising too many of these items online is broadcasting to would be burglars that you have something they may be interested in.


There you have it! 5 quick tips to for better home security. That last thing I will say is, just don't let yourself be an easy target. Implement these tips into your life and the chance you will experience a break-in is virtually ZERO!


Make Insurance Great Again! 

-Harrison Horton